Bitvaerk is run by Simon Hiort-Lorenzen. I am a web developer with four years of professional experience, and I have been programming for web and windows since I 1995.

I offer freelance programming for Windows and Web based on the .NET platform. I have experience in developing websites, intranet solutions, dynamic javascript sites, Windows programs and Windows Phone apps. I also help my customers with research and guidance about technologies, and general technical problem solving.

I work primarily for online agencies in Copenhagen. It is my experience that it's easier for us to find the good solutions, if we can talk face to face, so I prefer to sit with the companies I work for.

Besides freelancing, I also work on my own software projects.

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File Juggler

File Juggler is a file management tool that can monitor and handle files automatically based on rules the user creates.

Windows Development, .net, wpf, xaml


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